The path to my calling:

Even as a child I was very interested in profound topics. For example, I asked myself, with, for a childlike spirit of great seriousness, why we humans are here, or where we actually go after dying. While my girlfriends were playing ball, I was laying on the grass, staring into the dark blue sky and wondering how big this universe was and if there could be other living beings besides us humans. And, whether this God, whom I only knew from religious education, could control everything, because everything is so infinitely big. Even then I could not imagine with the best will in the world that we would simply be gone again after this life, that we would turn to ashes and dust again, as the priest had shockingly announced during my grandmother's funeral. What had always interested me, even from my childhood days, was why things in our world are the way they are? Or, who came up with this whole thing? And... what is the meaning of our life? I simply had many, many questions, with which I always got on the nerves of my environment!

I was always a bit "different", at least concerning questions of life ;)
 During my school time my classmates often said that I could explain something that I had really understood (!!) well and plausibly. Later I took these positive experiences as an opportunity to study for a teaching degree. However, since I had not quite completed this study due to premature motherhood, I never took up the teaching profession at school. From today's point of view a blessing, because I would probably have preferred to explain the world to my dearest little ones, but not the given school material! ;) 
My "after-study life", I spent at home, with my two wonderful children and my very successful husband. I had a life like out of a picture book. Materially there was really nothing lacking! Unfortunately I had to realize that I with time had become more and more unhappy. Every morning I sat on the edge of our designer bed and, despite several domestic servants who did all the work for me, I didn't know how to manage the day I had started. And as I thought all of that was a ridiculous "luxury problem", I tried to put it off for quite a while. But when I was heading for depression, got sick and felt empty and tired, I had to get active and get to the bottom of it.

So I went back to my favourite activity: Exploring life, and in this case myself!
In search of a feeling of fulfillment and happiness, I worked my way through countless books and various lectures on spirituality. I participated in many seminars and workshops, made my Reiki Master, a training as NIA trainer and travelled to India and America to quench my thirst for knowledge about universal laws and their effects on our lives. During this trip I encountered, among others, the teachings of Abraham, Jerry and Esther Hicks, who for me, on the subject of the Law of Attraction, are among the best teachers on this planet. This law has fascinated me especially because it regulates nothing less than our entire life, and on top of that it works above all other universal laws.
 For more than ten years now I have been refining my knowledge of this law, which is easy to understand at first, but has a certain complexity when it comes to its implementation in everyday life. Only after some practice and the grasp of some basic principles, one is able to use it consciously for one's own advantage. I personally indeed lead a very happy and fulfilled life now, based on this deep knowledge, which I pass on to my clients with great pleasure!

Nathalie Faverey

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